Chelsea Are Confident to Sign Alex Sandro

Chelsea Are Confident to Sign Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro is going to close the deal with Chelsea. Allegedly, he’ll move from Juventus to the respective team.

Chelsea has been more convinced to sign Alex Sandro for £60 million. This spectacular number is by far unbeatable. Juventus also agrees to release Sandro. The contract is made for until 2022. If this plan is going smoothly in the next few days, Chelsea will conduct the first major signing, involving Sandro transfer.

Meanwhile, Juventus also allegedly releases Dani Alves to Man City. And they want to solve this deliberation so that they can consider a player to replace Alex Sandro as fast as they can. If the deal is successfully made, Sandro is going to be the most expensive football signing in the Chelsea’s history. If this happens, it will break the previous record which was £50m for Fernando Torres in 2011.

Besides Sandro, Chelsea are also interested to take Leonardo Bonucci, the team mate of Sandro.

Then a day ago, PSG - Paris Saint Germain was spotted since they come to try sign Alex Sandro from Juventus. The team and Antonio Conte really needs Sandro to strengthen their left back.

Now Juventus want £61million and the price is unlikely to drop. But Chelsea have already bid £60 million. A slight one million will determine the winner of the bidders.

But Chelsea have been very confident to win the bidding process. They believe that Sandro will come to their team. Despite facing the competition from PSG, they will defend their offer to get Sandro. Although the number is unlikely to drop, Chelsea are confident to win this.