Ladbrokes launch "The Game Changer for Everyone"

Ladbrokes launch "The Game Changer for Everyone"

Edit My Acca - The Game Changer for Everyone

Ladbrokes, one of the biggest sport betting sites in the world has launched “Edit My Acca” with the help of Chris Kamara. Edit My Acca is basically the latest feature which allows the users to delete losing selections from their football accumulator.l

Edit My Acca is absolutely a game changer. By using this, the users have easier way to win their money on the multiple bet even though they deal with a losing selection.

You may have seen few moments about Chris Kamara in the TV. He made some appearances in a cafe. He is the face of Ladbrokes, confirming that Edit My Acca promotion is sure to be a delightful feature for all users, both new and olds.

Edit My Acca from Ladbrokes

So, how does it work?

Well, basically it eases you up around the selection you don't want to make. My question for you, have you ever had an accumulator bet where you are not eager to make a particular selection? Of course most of us have! Then enters the Edit My Acca feature. It allows you to delete particular losing team from your acca.

It does not only ease folks to delete the selections, but also get rid of them after placing your bet and even after your selected events have started. So bottom line, there is no word “late” if you want to change your mind.

Edit My Acca from Ladbrokes

How to Edit My Acca?

It is simple and easy to use the feature. First things first, of course, you need to register to Ladbrokes. Make sure you have confirmed your email address. You can use promotion code G30 if you are new member who wants to register.

Finishing the registration, you need to place an accumulator bet. So join the football betting section and start conducting multiple bet by clicking on the teams to be added into the accumulator. After finishing to add the accumulator, then you need to proceed and enter the sake size. Make sure you pick your potent teams. And place your bet.

Edit My Acca from Ladbrokes

When you want to Edit My Acca, you just need to go to “My Accas” and hit the button “Edit My Acca” next to the accumulator you ought to edit. You will be redirected to specific page so that you can click on the selections that you are eager to erase.

Edit My Acca from Ladbrokes

That’s it! Simple, isn't it?