Liverpool Rejected Barcelona’s Mouth-Watering Second Bid for Playmaker Coutinho

Liverpool Rejected Barcelona’s Mouth-Watering Second Bid for Playmaker Coutinho

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Liverpool rejected the second bid from Barcelona which was reached 100 million euros. The Brazil playmaker Philippe Coutinho seems to be hard to be released from the respective team.

It was the second bid from Barca for the 25 year old playmaker. And not like the first bid, it was rejected soon after Barca’s representative proposed the bid amount. Initially, Barca made 85 million euros. Then they added 15 million euros in add-ons.

FYI, Coutinho joined Liverpool from Inter Milan for 8.5 million euros. Liverpool clearly stated that their respective playmaker was not for sale. Although the mouth-watering amount of money offered by the giant team is hard to resist, they made themselves clear that they couldn’t release Coutinho. Coutinho joined Liverpool in 2013.

Last week, Barcelona has sold Neymar, the Brazil front man to Paris Saint Germain last week for 200 million euros. This is a world record transfer. Will Coutinho be released with the closer amount of the Neymar’s transfer? The answer is still speculative. Most diehard fans don’t want Coutinho to move to Barca either. The Anfield supporters are still being attached to the respective player.

Now the next question is, will Barca raise their offer? And can Liverpool let Coutinho go if the offer is viable to Liverpool fiscal? Coutinho has contributed 14 goals for Liverpool the last term. However, he had spent over six weeks to rejuvenate from injury, and signed a new five-year deal in January. This new contract did not include a release term. That is the reason why Coutinho is currently not available for sale.

The manager Jurgen Klopp also emphasized that the Reds were not selling the playmaker to Barca in the first bid. It was rejected last July, and Klopp decided to close the windows of Coutinho’s transfer since then. Clearly that Coutinho can’t be released because the new five-year contract does not include the release clause. This can violate the rule of the contract. Although Coutinho gives a node to Barca, on paper, he can’t do it.

Liverpool, until this time, have not agreed to the new bid from Barca. In fact, a meeting has not conducted until this summer. Klopp also stated that the 25 year old player is not for sale “this summer”. So, how can Barca turn the table?

Meanwhile, Reds sides clearly insisted that they do not meet up with Barca representative for the transfer discussion. After all, Coutinho is not in the market at all. Will Liverpool regret this decision? We don’t know yet. Summer is not over yet.