Most Prominent Football Clubs Sign Up for Betting on Football 2017

Most Prominent Football Clubs Sign Up for Betting on Football 2017

Betting on football has been gaining a lot of attentions for layers of society. It is including the top football clubs in Europe. The betting on football has been attracting many folks from popular clubs such as Celtic, Liverpool, arsenal, Rangers, AC Milan, Leicester City, Manchester City, VfL Wolfsburg, Rangers Charlton Celtic, AS Roma, and big organizations like La Liga and the Scottish Football Association.

Regarding to this event, the teams representatives at #bofc 2017 will promote Mark Davies, the head of New Business, Tom Carter, Adrian Filby, and other important names in the world of football.

VfL Wolfsburg is an official subsidiary of Volkswagen. With that fact it is good enough reason that the team has such privilege to attract big partners. Peikert, the representative of the team stated that they were interested in attaining more betting partners for online advertising.

Leicester sent Davies as the representative. From what we concluded, he was interested to focus on foreign markets for front-of-shirt sponsorships and hooking the fishes in the UK based gambling markets. The interesting event is attended by Peikert, Jaap Kalma from AC Milan, Mauro Baldissoni, and many more popular names. Most of them had been interested in approaching the betting world for the sake of the football business. What do you think about this massive news?