Over and Under betting What does mean?

Over and Under betting What does mean?

Over under odds, or totals betting has been one of top choices conducted by the bettors. For those who haven’t known about this, you can opt for this wager as best option to make more money on a game. The fact is that many games are messed up and you can’t really find what you want to wager. That is where the over under betting option comes as the best option.

Betting Totals

There are many x-factors which you think will affect the games results so that all the teams skills and prospects have been neglected. Those x-factors can include offensive lines injuries, defensive trends, absences, weather condition, and others. For instance, we are scouting Colts vs Patriots game. You can see the point spread listed and other value, 55.5 listed. The 55.5 is the betting totals. Now your bet is to predict whether the total points accumulated from both teams will be more or less than 55.5. For instance, the score is 40 by 14, which equals to 54 points. That means it is under 55.5. In 40 by 18 example, the scores from both teams equal to 57. That means it is over 55.5.

Then you might need to see some corrugation like this:

55.5 o -110
55.5 u +105

In this example, the betting totals are still in 55.5 number. However, the amount of money you need to risk is totally different. In Over value strategy, you need to invest $110 to win $100. In Under value strategy, you need to risk your 100 bucks to win 105 bucks. Simple, isn’t it?

We provide the “totals” information here at our page. Don’t you worry. You will always find the league page you want to check. You can also see their numbers without any problem. We also give you precised information where you can learn to safely bet in some leagues.